This Grand Book The Universe

To many people, travel seems meaningless, absurd, and sometimes, impossible. To others, it is exciting and provides an opportunity to challenge themselves, learn new things, acquire new perspectives and build new relationships. Borders, Economics and even Technology have made travel a victim of either long-term planning or spontaneous uptake.

I have not been as active a traveler as I’d love to be. My first solo travel was in the year 2010 – to celebrate my first salary ever and taking advantage of a Kenya Wildlife Service offer at a camping site in Mount Kenya. I have since lost my pics *shucks* Thereafter were intermittent trips to Canada, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Tanzania and Ghana owing to unending work, laziness and some serious bouts of livin’ la vida broka.

Nonetheless, mid-last year ‘resuscitated’ my quest for travel and my thanks are due in three:

  1. To my new friend and travel buddy that I met in June 2016 for her energy, her practical sense, her crazy ideas and the indulgent travel plans she’s always brewing in her head!
  2. To Lonely Planet, though a vague personification for me, for the fair field of destinations, inspiration and planning guide. As such, my thanks are herewith on vague terms.
  3. To my family for the aid their emotional and financial support, advice and sense of humour have afforded me a great deal of peace and enjoyable times.

Come 2017, I am living with my three solid plans of traveling as much as I can, building my career of becoming an opera singer and, hopefully, settling in my favourite Mediterranean island.

Thus dear universe, love me without fail.


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